Welcome to Croatia

Croatia’s pleasures are timeless, and the Croatians are committed to preserving the extraordinary beauty of the Dalmatian Coast; backed by high mountains with hundreds of offshore islands, it is becoming one of Europe’s most popular holiday hot spots…

Amazing islands

Say “Yes” to holidays far from the maddening crowd – sunshine, the blue waters of the Adriatic sea, silky sands, rich wine and fresh fish… 


“Those who seek paradise on Earth, must come to Dubrovnik“ wrote on one occasion George Bernard Shaw enchanted by a city whose pristine city walls stand for many centuries, today under protection of UNESCO.


When in 305  Roman emperor Diocletian, having done the whole world underfoot, decided to build his country villa and spend the rest of his life there, he had no doubt about location.

NP Kornati

The Kornati archipelago is the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean. And it comes without surprise that as many as 89 islands from that archipelago were declared a National park in 1989. 

NP Krka / Skradin

The main attraction of the National Park Krka consists of seven waterfalls, among which is the most famous Skradinski buk, one of the most beautiful travertine barriers in Europe.


Multicultural and hospitable, this is a county which in a small space happily merges a multitude of differences from crystal clear sea to picturesque medieval towns on the hills of the Istrian hinterland that irresistibly reminiscent of the most beautiful regions of Tuscany or Provence.


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& more amazing places to explore round Croatia


In the wild beauty of white karst stone and blue clear sea, Šibenik aquatorium, as a true nautical paradise, proud numbering as many as 240 islets and rocks, each of which hides some curiosity.


With its center in three-thousand-year-old Zadar, the city of the most researched Roman forum on the east side Adriatic and unforgettable Romanesque churches.

NP Plitvice Lakes

Protected areas in Croatia include 8 National parks, 11 Nature parks, 2 Strict reserves and 77 Special reserves.

Croatian territory in Roman times

If you love history more specifically Roman history, Croatia is the best place you can visit.

Croatia in October – Truffle season

Istria is rich in truffles and October is the best month of the year for white truffles, which are the most valuable kind. Although events celebrating truffles are held in various locations throughout autumn, it’s in October when you have plenty of choice for different festivals. 

8 National parks

Protected areas in Croatia include 8 National parks, 11 Nature parks, 2 Strict reserves and 77 Special reserves.


Meet the charming heart of Croatia, the capital loved for being green and close to the nature, as well as for being a metropolitan city full of opportunities! 

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