Hot air ballon flight

Hrvatsko Zagorje from above

In the last 25 years, Balloon club Zagreb team brought smiles to hundreds of single adventures, romantic couples, families, groups of friends, or corporate team-building parties,so they will do their best to make this experience unforgettable for you too. In this 4 – 6 hour experience, you will earn your aeronaut badge, gain lifelong memories, and will leave knowing why they call the Zagorje region of Croatia, a fairytale on the palm of your hand.

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Zagorje ballooning experience

Your adventure of discovery starts at an airfield just outside the City of Zagreb. There you will join a team of some of the most experienced balloonists in Europe and be wholeheartedly welcomed to the magical world of hot air balloons. You’ll be in safe hands as you take on a journey quite like no other!

A brief and fun pre-flight briefing will introduce you to the basics of hot air ballooning. You will learn what makes the balloons fly, what is the role of the pilot and the ground crew, and how to set up a balloon. Then, under the watchful eye of the trained Balloon club Zagreb pilot and crew, you will get to participate in preparing your own balloon for the flight. When the balloon is ready for takeoff, the pilot will call you to enter the basket, and it is time to go flying.

Gently hovering through the sky, take in fantastic views of the magical hills of the Zagorje region, dotted with historic castles, vineyards, and traditional villages. Snap some magnificent panoramas of Medvednica nature park as you sail effortlessly above this beautiful green countryside enjoying the contrast between its gently rolling hills and the splendid Slovenian Alps in the background.

After an hour’s flight, what better way to be welcomed back to the ground than with a glass of sparkling wine and traditional Zagorje breakfast or brunch. You’ll even receive a personalized balloon-flight


Active: All year round
Departure time: approx. 6:00 AM – morning flights, 5:00 PM – afternoon flights
Departure point: In front of the hotel or Krapina-Zagorje Airfield (Gubaševo)
Languages: Croatian, Italian, German, English

What’s included?

Zagorje ballooning experience

  • Welcome coffee, tea, juice, biscuits, fruit
  • Pre-flight briefing and preparation of the balloons
  • One-hour hot air balloon flight
  • Post-flight breakfast or brunch (Premium regional sparkling wine, gourmet selection of local chesses and traditional bites)
  • Personalized, Balloon club Zagreb Certificate of Ascension
  • The Balloon club membership includes a flight in 4 – 6 person balloon.

Exclusive Zagorje ballooning experience for two

  • Welcome coffee, tea, juice, biscuits, fruit
  • Pre-flight briefing and preparation of the balloons
  • One-hour private hot air balloon flight with onboard Champagne and gourmet bites
  • Post-flight Champagne breakfast or brunch
  • Handwritten, personalized, Balloon club Zagreb Certificate of Ascension
  • The Exclusive package includes a private flight with the pilot and the balloon reserved exclusively for the two passengers

Additional info

  • The experience is suitable for persons of 10 years of age and older.
  • We recommend you to bring: sportswear, sunglasses, cap, photo/video camera
  • The flight is subject to cancelation due to weather conditions