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Protected areas in Croatia include eight national parks, eleven nature parks, two strict reserves and seventy-seven special reserves.

1. Brijuni

Brijuni National Park consists of groups of two larger and twelve smaller islands on the west coast of Istria. They are Brijuni known for its indented archipelago and well preserved Mediterranean vegetation, but the Brijuni Islands are also invaluable a cultural heritage dating back to the era Rome and Byzantium. Brijuni is uninhabited, but throughout the year they abound in numerous tourist attractions.

2. Kornati

The Kornati archipelago is the densest archipelago in the Mediterranean, and 89 islands from that archipelago In 1989, it was declared a national park. The exceptional landscape and beautiful natural bays will take your breath away. They are known for their high rocks, unusual shapes and poor vegetation, and the labyrinth of rocks and sea it is perfect for sailing, sailing and so-called Robinson Crusoe tourism.

3. Krka

Krka National Park northeast from Šibenik is a natural karst phenomenon, extremely rich in endemic species. The main attraction of the National Park Krka consists of seven waterfalls, among which is the most famous Skradinski buk, one of the most beautiful travertine barriers in Europe.

4. Paklenica

Paklenica National Park is located near Zadar, on the southern slopes Velebit, the largest mountain range in Croatia. The park abounds with the unusual karst forms and caves, and the most striking are the two large gorges, the Great and Mala Paklenica. Numerous herbal and animal species have been preserved thanks to climatic conditions.

5. Risnjak

Risnjak National Park near Delnice is a mountainous area covered a forest located north of Rijeka. Except it is a habitat of many species of wild animals, is natural hydrologically monument because it hides the source of the river Kupa. It is mostly visited by nature lovers, especially mountaineers, whose biggest challenge is to conquer the highest peak of this massif.

6. Plitvice

Plitvice Lakes National Park is the most famous national park in Croatia and the only one included in the UNESCO World Heritage List. That world The famous park is famous for its lakes which pour waterfalls: consists of 16 small lakes interconnected waterfalls formed by sedimentation travertine, special types of limestone. It’s a park beautiful and popular destination for picnickers all year round.

7. Northern Velebit

Northern Velebit National Park is located in the northern part of the Velebit mountain, the largest mountains in Croatia, and crossed is a numerous mountain trails. The park is known for two karst formations known as Hajduk’s hips and Lukina jama pit, the eighth deepest hole in the world.

8. Mljet

Mljet National Park is located at island of the same name, and is the most important protected area in the south Dalmatia. Occupies western wooded part of the island of Mljet, which is important because extremely rich Mediterranean vegetation and cultural heritage. The park is famous along two deep bays that are thanks to extremely close ties with the sea is considered a lake, and therefore they are got the name Great and Little Lake.