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Uncover them without hesitation and rest dreams will become reality. Multicultural and hospitable, this is a country which in a small space happily merges a multitude of differences. While their own crystal clear sea, clean shores and ports, merry fishing boats and in the boiling cobbled streets it speaks the true charm of the Mediterranean, this one the magical span of the earth with its picturesque medieval towns ruined by the hills of the Istrian hinterland exudes peace and gentleness of the continent whose the landscape is irresistibly reminiscent of the most beautiful regions of Tuscany or Provence.

Istria is truly terra magica. She is gifted virginally untouched by nature crowns the far-famed Brijuni Islands – one of the most beautiful archipelagos of the Mediterranean with rare plant and animal types. Istria is a country whose deposits You can read a long and rich history as rarely where you start literally from dinosaur footprints. Strengthened by the bora and strengthened by the mistral, fragrant of broom, sage and lavender, and drowsy of pine, immortelle and thyme, with an ideal climate whose bathing season lasts even 5 months, this country is simply ideal tourist destination. Of course, don’t forget to taste Istria! From seafood delicacies to delicious truffles, just like the golden drops of indigenous Malvasia, fragrant Momjan Muscat or ruby ​​Teran, which was once used strengthened and Casanova himself, your palate will to incorporate these divine pleasures forever into the synesthesia of unforgettable Istrian ones experience. Don’t dream a dream vacation! Wake up in Istria! Step into the noble hub of civilizations, whose cultural arboretum was cultivated by the Histrians, Celts and Romans through Byzantium, Slavs and Venetians all the way to Austro-Hungarian Empire, and soon you will discover why Istria is so special.  For To begin with, it is enough to recall the myth of Argonauts. Chasing Jason and the stolen golden fleece without success, the Colchians, having sailed to the coast of Istria, never again wanted to return to their homeland. There’s something in her magic like nowhere else on Mediterranean. Here you will find a city that just like Rome rests on seven hills and boasts a glorious amphitheater. On one of those 7 hills is one the weary Hungarian king wished to replace his splendid attire with a simple monk’s robe, and to die in holiness, while immortal Dante, inspired by the lookout, wrote the verses of his Divine Comedy.