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Croatia’s beautiful coast is full of amazing old cities and Zadar is just one of many. Once a mighty and strong roman city today, Zadar is considered as one of the best locations in Dalmatia. The ancient city centre is worth seeing and will surely make you want to stay because of many possibilities it offers. It’s beautiful quaint, cobbled streets are always providing you a strong shade during hot summer days while you can inspect many of the city’s churches and museums or take a break in a restaurant and try some of the best Mediterranean dishes. Some of the things you will want to see in Zadar are st. Donat’s church, remains of an old Roman square and city’s famous Sea organs, where the waves are constantly making their mysterious melodies. Although the city is really pleasing in the sunlight, it is nighttime that will take your breath away, when old, picturesque buildings and streets become full of life. The atmosphere quickly becomes vibrant and vivid with music coming from all the bars and restaurants. You can always see street performers doing magic tricks or singers that come from all around the world. One place that you must see at night is Zadar’s Monument to the Sun which makes a good playground for the kids, as well as a good background for the photoshoot when it lights up. It is not just the city itself that Zadar offers. The are numerous trips you can take from Zadar and visit some of the places with the most beautiful and untouched nature. For example, you can take a boat trip to “Kornati” islands or a bus trip to “Plitvice lakes”, which are Croatia’s most famous national parks. Around the city there are located many smaller towns and touristic settlements like Zaton or Nin, where you can find attractive sand beaches, perfect for family picnic.  Make sure not to miss the sunset because it is considered as one of the prettiest in the world.



The city of Zadar offers you numerous possibilities to spend the summer like never before. Take a walk through quaint, cobbled streets in the ancient core of the city and experience how they are becoming vibrant and full of life as the sun is slowly setting with one of the most beautiful sunsets you can imagine. Try some of the most delicious Mediterranean dishes and visit picturesque sand beaches with crystal clear water that will surely take your breath away and make you want to stay just a little longer.