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Zagreb grew out of two medieval settlements that flourished for centuries on neighbouring hills. It is situated on the slopes of Medvednica Hill to the north and the floodplain of the Sava river to the south.

Spend a day wandering through the Upper Town’s charming streets whispering legends and brief stories of some of the things that make Zagreb a beautiful city.

Explore lower Town’s mash-up of secessionist, neo-baroque and art deco buildings, visit museums and enjoy street&square festivals, music, gastro events, pop-up markets and food stalls in city parks.

Feel the spirit of this town, do as the locals do and head to a cafe. The cafe culture here is just one facet of this city’s vibrant street life, egged on by a year-round swag of events. Even when there’s nothing on, the centre thrums with youthful energy, so it’s no surprise that Croatia’s capital is now bringing in the city-break crowd!