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Varaždin Baroque Evenings are one of many events happening every fall, at the time you can find many famous musicians performing in Varaždin and  many delicacies to try. This festival is a Varaždinian tradition since 1971. and it always gets both national and international appraisal. From the baroque traditions and architecture seen in this little town’s center to its main attraction, the Old Town Castle, an iconic fort located in the middle of the town. From Martinisce it takes one and a half hour to reach Varazdin, either by car or train. You can enjoy the slower route trough the Nature or take the fast route on the Highway.

The festival began on 17th September and this year’s partner country is Slovenia. The festival, closing on 29th September, will feature 33 concerts and 11 accompanying events under the title Total Baroque.

Here are some events that we handpicked for you

Friday, 17th September:
Opening ceremony and the Baroque Ansamble “Musica Cubicularis”

Sunday, 19th September: Varazdin Chamber Orchestra
Program: G.F.Händel, J.S.Bach, A.Corelli, A.Vivaldi

Friday, 24th September: Bacchus Consort
Program: Misiones* (Jesuit music from Latin America)

Saturday, 25th September: Laura Vajdon
Program: J.S. Bach – Brandenburg Concerts 1-4, on the occasion of 300th anniversary of their first release.

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